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A Living Church Of The Loving Christ

Join us to experience the power of the LORD and to worship him with all our hearts.

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Harvest Of The Youth

YHT is an international youth movement which is committed to preach the word to this present generation.

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Commissioning People For Global Evangelism

DWBI trains young people to share the good news.

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We Care for People

The aim of DCT is to help people irrespective of caste, colour and creed.

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JESUS is the way

Christianity is not really a religion. It is a relationship with God. It is trusting in Jesus and what he did on the cross for you not on what you can do for yourself. Christianity is about truly accepting Jesus as your Lord and savior.God really doesn’t care about particular rituals, traditions and customs of the denominations as long as they don’t get in the way of the undeniable foundation of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ.

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by Dr.John Wesly , Young Holy Team

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by Dr.John Wesly & His Family

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There is freedom in the JESUS CHRIST from sorrow, pain, curse, sin and eternal destruction.

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Holy Spirit God. 2 Peter 1:21, 2 Thi 3:16

66 Books. 39 in O.T and 27 in N.T

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  • John Peter
    Experiencing His peace & joy

    I got saved from a Hindu Background. From the moment I accept Christ, I am experiencing His peace and joy. God has blessed me tremendously through JWIM and CWC. I have dedicated my life to Jesus and serving the Lord though this ministry. Praise the Lord.

  • Joshua
    I am thankful to God...

    I am thankful to God because He saved me from this impure world and make me righteous by His grace. I am being blessed in this ministry though the guidance of my spiritual leader Pastor. Joseph garu and Dr John Wesly. It is my honor to serve Jesus through this ministry. God blesss!

  • Hanok
    God filled me with His Joy.

    I am Hanok. Many years back, I heard Dr Wesly's message and came to know the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. God filled me with His Joy. I have submitted my life for God's ministry and continueing in His Grace.

  • Stephen
    I submitted my life to Christ

    I was very depressed in my life and had no peace. My friend invited to Dr Wesly's Gospel meeting. After hearing the Word, I submitted my life to Christ. Now I am celebrating my life in Jesus and working full time in YHT. Thanks to Dr Wesly.

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