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Gospel Explosion

Reaching the World with the Word

Jesus said, Go into all the World and Preach the Good News. We are living in a world where people being distracted by so many unnecessary philosophies and cults and so on. Everyone needs to hear the true Gospel. 

Man of God, John Wesly has been conducting Gospel outreach programs all over India to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus which has the power to change the lives. We receive thousands of life changing testimonies in each crusade where 60 to 70 thousand people attend. 

The Spirit of God is convincing many people for the truth of Jesus. John Wesly preaches the Gospel of Jesus in each crusade and prays for all. 

We thank the Lord for the mighty move of God in this generation. God enabled this ministry to conduct more than 200 crusades by the end of 2019 and reached more than 15 Million people with the Gospel. We have received millions of salvation decision cards for the glory of God. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. 

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