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  • To Build a Holy Society by sharing the Love of Jesus Christ to enable youth workers and others with specialized skills.

  • To conduct Youth camps, seminars, Conferences, Meetings, Conventions, Faith healing campaigns, Crusades, Rallies etc. in the promotions of awareness towards self confidence and discipline amongst the people.

  • To promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Baptize converts to form them into assemblies and help to build churches and strengthen the assemblies wherever necessary to promote Gospel culture. For as we believe the Human welfare and world peace can only come by following the teaching of Jesus Christ.

  • Translating Fundamental Literature into different Languages.

  • Printing and Distributing Gospel Tracts and Stickers.

  • To provide the secular Education and to elevate the moral standards for the orphans, poor and needy Children by establishing the Secular educational schools as primary, upper primary, secondary schools, colleges, technical schools, Adult educational centers and schools for the special education.

  • To provide Free computer and technical education to the poor and needy students and elders to cope them up with the up to date standards.

  • To provide free boarding, lodging and clothing for the orphans, destitute, poor, needy children, widows and old age people and to provide medical treatment.

  • To maintain Libraries with good books, magazines, periodicals and daily news papers for the use of all ages and to maintain music library with devotional DVDs and CDs.

  • To establish clinics and Hospitals to serve the sick, needy and poor people with free of cost and to establish welfare centers.

  • To conduct AIDS awareness programs in Urban, Rural and Tribal areas.

  • To conduct Blood donation camps for the poor and accident victims.

  • To help the disabled people such as physically handicapped and mentally retarded.

  • To do the FILM ministry, means to show the life changing and self encouraging films to people into goodness.

  • To start counseling centers for all, especially for the distressed people and drug addicts.

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