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Pastor Joseph Vijaya Kumar received the higher call and started this church in 1980. It is the congregation that passionately loves to glorify the name of the Lord and hungers for the word of God. God wants us to be like the rising of the Sun, filled with the rays of Heaven, beaming forth the gladness of the spirit of Almighty.

We seek to honor the presence of God in our services and Endeavour to ensure that messages that come forth from our pulpit have power of God, and is a word that refreshes every one. Besides our senior Pastors Joseph Vijay Kumar and Satya Vijaya Kumar who look after the services, we have Dr. John Wesly, Mrs. Blessie Wesly and Pastor Paul Emmanuel delivering God's word in power and conviction.

Many years ago, Pastor Joseph Vijay kumar started this church with two people. Now it has grown upto more than 2500 believers. People come from distant places to hear the word of God. God is moving powerfully in Praise and Worship. We have several branches in and around Rajahmundry. There are few asst. Pastors and 24 Elders in the Church. God has rised many powerful Evangelists, Worship Leaders and burder bearers in this Church.

We are committed to stand for the cause of Christ and boldly uphold the cross as the centrality of our faith in this generation. We choose to be uncompromising in our witness and believe that God has marked this generation out for His end-time purposes.

It is with great joy that we invite you to join us for a time of celebration, fellowship and worship. May the Lord bless you as you discover new life in Christ Jesus.

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